((to be clear, to Vometia, I was just illustrating what it is, to me, for characters to be 'playersexual'; I wasn't trying to suggest an alternative. I also feel it's something that does need to be handled with tact and skill, or else it comes off crass.))

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Shadowheart, I will assign as a self righteous lesbian.

But if you are male, and her core character is lesbian, and you romance her.... it changes her character drasticaly

She suddenly stops being secretrative, and is suddenly super open because she was just broken from one major self desctructive habit, for example... and she is no longer the same person for it.

Before I get all the gay pride defenders, it is a example. [...]

To be honest, I'm far more concerned that you just decided to describe being a lesbian as a major self-destructive habit... and that you thought that was a good thing to do as your example.