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The term is playersexuality or you are gender assigning, and my gender is a apache helicopter tiger bear. So yes, I am allowed in the womens rest room. wink jokes.

The thought would be this for example.

Shadowheart, I will assign as a self righteous lesbian.

So, DC to romance, as a female, is 6. DC as female gith is 17. DC to romance as male is 15. DC to romance as male gith is 20.

But if you are male, and her core character is lesbian, and you romance her.... it changes her character drasticaly, so dialogues with her suddenly change and are way different.
She is no longer the same person.

She suddenly stops being secretrative, and is suddenly super open because she was just broken from one major self desctructive habit, for example... and she is no longer the same person for it.

Before I get all the gay pride defenders, it is a example. The same can be applied for a heterosexual person as well, in this case we will say wyll, who suddenly becomes gay (DC 20 romance check as male character)

It is just such a drastic shift that they are not the same after it.

This whole walk on eggshells, make everyone playersexual just to appeal to the alphabet community is just straight out dumb and boring and disinteresting in my opinion.

Why ruin a good game for a fad?

Again, I agree with you.
In general, Dragon Age: Inquisition is an example of reasonable limits for romance with companions. The game certainly isn't the best example for an RPG, but the limitations of romance are one of the few things this game does well.
But we live in a time when such changes can unleash a barrage of criticism on the game. I think there is no need to hope that something will change in this.

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