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I understand the argument on making the elves look less human, but what features would they need to include? From my idea I know elves are a humanoid race (same with a lot of the dnd races)

But what could be classed as an elf feature? Super upright eyes? That's still a human feature a lot of people have,

Youd have to make them look completely alien to not look human.

They are not supposed to look super alien, but they supposed to have "lighter" skeleton:
Narrow noses
Narrow chins
Slightly androgynous slim body. Consider that while with 170cm healthy weight for a human is 60kg, for an elf it's 50. And elven fey ancestors had no gender.
And yes, tilted eyes not in human way. A human would still have quite straight brow line, elves supposed to have that tilted too.