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Shadowheart, I will assign as a self righteous lesbian.

So, DC to romance, as a female, is 6. DC as female gith is 17. DC to romance as male is 15. DC to romance as male gith is 20.

But if you are male, and her core character is lesbian, and you romance her.... it changes her character drasticaly, so dialogues with her suddenly change and are way different.
She is no longer the same person.

She suddenly stops being secretrative, and is suddenly super open because she was just broken from one major self desctructive habit, for example... and she is no longer the same person for it.

She is not a lesbian. Her daisy (dream lover) is male whom she's very attracted to. SH serves Shar, this is the reason to be secretive in the first place. She's just bad at keeping it in the secret because she mocks Selune at every occasion taken, not to mention gazillion Shar's markings on her gear.

She calls her dream lover daisy?