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((to be clear, to Vometia, I was just illustrating what it is, to me, for characters to be 'playersexual'; I wasn't trying to suggest an alternative. I also feel it's something that does need to be handled with tact and skill, or else it comes off crass.))

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Shadowheart, I will assign as a self righteous lesbian.

But if you are male, and her core character is lesbian, and you romance her.... it changes her character drasticaly

She suddenly stops being secretrative, and is suddenly super open because she was just broken from one major self desctructive habit, for example... and she is no longer the same person for it.

Before I get all the gay pride defenders, it is a example. [...]

To be honest, I'm far more concerned that you just decided to describe being a lesbian as a major self-destructive habit... and that you thought that was a good thing to do as your example.

That's my point. Also, if you told the flower children in the 60s that drugs were destructive, they would react much like you just did, if they communicated as well as you do. Which you communicate well.
Objectively, homosexuality is a population killer. A woman and a woman, or a man and a man, together, do not produce a offspring.
Long term, destructive. Any other aspect, emotional or what not? Who knows. Who cares. You can blame it all on something else.

That's the point everyone focuses on in 2020.

Here is my core point - get over it.

I have been told I have a destructive personality for having, what I call, good work ethic. Following the rules to a T at work.

There are arguments that can be made either side.

Who cares how it is labeled. The moment you care, is the moment it IS destructive, either to yourself, or to someone else.

But that is enough of the psycho stuff.

Focus on the core point, and rebuild it in your mind to apply to the video game, and not to the current US identity crisis.

It is about the game play, about being imersed, and about the legacy of the first two BG games.

This game would be better labeled as D:OS 3 so far.

Not saying that there are not good aspects to the game. MANY parts are well done!

But I am not here for D:OS. I am not here for DA:O. I am not here for KOTR.

I am here for Baldurs Gate.

That is my feedback.

If this game turns into a spiritual D:OS3, I will respectfully request for my money back (not expecting I will get it) and post a several negative final review stating "buyer beware" as is my right as a consumer here in the USA.

My two cents.