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Lowkey, the party banter being for the most part them all flirting with one another was way more cringey to me than the romance stuff. Pretty sure the only ones who have none of that going on between eachother are Lae'zel and SH.

Yeah, that's also something that'd bother the hell out of me. That's what I also meant in my last sentence you quoted. It, again, feels like a high school trip which horny teenagers treat as an opportunity to get into each others pants. I'm not a fan of companions romancing each other. And certainly not all/most of them. It should be an exception rather than a rule, like in BG2.

BG and BG 2 had some interesting companion dialogue.

You walk along and the box pops up, and the first time, you look at it, confused.

But it was all just a side thing. either you got it, or you did not.

Banter and party dialogue were great in BG2. I think the only real romance was between Haer'dalis and Aerie... and Korgan flirted with (or just teased?) Mazzy. Minsc made Aerie his new witch, but it was a bond of protection and care, not a romantic interest.