I have to be perfectly honest, for most of the 2000 hours I played D:OS 2 I played a lone wolf build, this game is fully capable of being beat as a solo runner which some people like myself like as it's very challenging and less time consuming. My best guess is that Larian are trying to keep everyone happy who are Larian fans since D:OS 2 as lets be fair it's their biggest seller to date due to the lone wolf system at $90M+ revenue to date, It's their version of party management that got them there from a crowd funded start up, and it is their stamp on a game long abandoned by Bioware. Bioware themselves are making terrible games these days as the good devs retired rich. To defend that statement has anyone actually played SW Squadrons and not shouted uncontrollably at the screen as controls are that bad, or rage quit the old republic as they nerfed everything except Knight, or even cursed the controls in fallen order as it was a fallen order alright, which involved you being the fallen as the controls typically registered in the wrong order?. Let Larian be Larian as Bioware are terribad these days churning out short term tested kiddy fodder is the message there.

Try to remember Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax invented DND for SINGULAR characters to move through Fearun in 1974 USING companions for their...Well, use. DND is a tabletop you could actually play by yourself, or with friends as a choice not dictation. Before nostalgia tripping also remember Shadows of Amn came out in 2000 when party split was not a possiblity due to technological restriction and Bioware as mentioned above were ruined by EA almost as much as Blizzard by Activision.

I will admit solo rogue is proving Impossible for me at the moment as it's a bit flimsy due to being forced not to invest in enough constitution and can be one shot by so many creatures it's frustrating, that's truly my only gripe other than my last post.

(edit) Also to keep solo runners happy they will need to up the timer on a certain trapped lady in a cage without creating a spoiler.

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But as they parted ways, saviour the second merely clapped saviour the first on the back and rode away...