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I actually liked that alot, minsc and aerie.

But aerie still wasn't dynaheir... Weird cleric mage build...
That is beside the point

Yeah, I liked that too. I actually had both on my recent run, despite not liking Aerie (she was still the best fit for my neutral/good run lacking another mage). And she's actually a pretty solid caster, with Vecna's and some trinkets she's a spellslinging beast. Admittedly suffers a bit from slower spell progress.

(Sorry for continuing off-topic. :P )

Back to something more on topic, these are the kinds of relationships I'd love to see more of. Minsc being protective over his new witch, Jan and Mazzy's conversations that start with her losing her poise in annoyance and end with her being surprised at Jan's surprisingly thoughtful point to his story, a humourous one of Mazzy making Valygar her "squire", Jaheira and Mazzy "mothering" Aerie... and those are just the positive interactions (and not all of them).

Story and plot like that, and all those companion features that were more than just sex and player love - that is what made BG so great. All the attention to the details