Like the OP, I don't like origins and I would like more options for custom characters, like better dialoge options, more chances to take the initiative and to have the last word. Also, it would be nice to have a quest that is only for custom character and doesn't depend on using the tadpole. Right now, it looks as ifcthey are putting lots of effort in the origins while forgeting the custom characters.

If they didn't promised that custom characters wouldn't feel lacking, then people like me simply wouldn't buy the game and the people who enjoy origins would just play the origins. But they wanted that people who didn't liked DoS2 system to but their game. Now they have two choices, deliver what they promised or try to lie their way out of this.

But right now, the custom character looks way less developed and disappointing.

What I won't do is play as an origin character. I tried that in Dos2 and I hated it. Half the time it was as some other person playing for me instead of me. For me origins would be just companions, nothing else.