I won't remove them at this point. But I expectcthe same level of work and options for custom characters. Otherwise, Larian would have deceived people like me, who don't like origins and could have perfectly skip the game and leave it to the people who love origins.

As you said, the world is full of rpg and I could have bought another. I think it is deceitful yo promise something, not even try to deliver and then say "but if you play the game the way I want to, you would change your mind and if you still didn't like it, you are wrong". No, if they wanted to do DoS3, they should have been upfront about it. The problem is not that they put lots of effort in the origins, the problem is that they haven't developed custom to be played as a main character. Maybe because they don't like their characters to be secondary. But if the player choose custom, then custom is main character and origins should be secondary. That is the point.

And it is selfish to expect people who don't like origins to just put up with a subpar plot and less options.