I'm one of those who don't give a damn about Origins Character. I hope to be able to have a satisfying experience playing only custom characters.

Larian advertised well-enough that they wanted to make their game feel like the DnD tabletop experience. So I hope custom characters won't be an after-thought.

That being said, any request that involves "please throw all that time and money away" are unlikely to be met. It's not a reason for people to censor themselves, but really, that's unlikely to happen.

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As far as I can tell, Larian's origin system is a bit like their surface system: no one cares about it anywhere near as much as they do. Origins in particular just seem like wasted resources that should have been spent on a greater diversity of options for customising the player character - sub-classes with their own dialogue choices/ quests/ NPC reactions, perhaps a DA:O origin system that works to anchor your character to the world, a much more expansive "background" feature, that kind of thing.

I think we'd need to have hard data polled from players (including the future audience who doesn't hang on the Larian forums) to truly know about the first statement. But I agree with all the rest.

What I don't understand is why they decided to make 5 (or 8 ?) Origins Characters. Half of that would have been enough.

As much as I can praise Larian's bold decision to create content that will not be experienced by everyone, with multiple ways to solve inter-dependent quests and the resulting permutations (non-universally-experienced content being the main reason why "choices matter" is so hard to do for video game developers), I think that creating that many different Origins Character was pouring a lot of resources into the same idea, and I hope there'll be resources left for non-Origins character.

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I don't mind having companions with interesting and personal stories - but they need to be strongly secondary to the core story of the game, and the core story of the game needs to focus on, and make the player character feel like the actual protagonist.

I fully agree with the fact that personal quests of companions should be secondary to the core story of the game. But I think the core story of the game should just be the tadpoles, the Absolute and whoever is behind.

We have these Special One stories all the time. But "a band of adventurers foils the grand-scale plans of some evil deity (or deities)" is a self-sufficient story. As far as I know, most DnD campaigns don't make one player at the table be the lead character and the other players play second roles. It's a party of equals, who band together and cooperate. I know, this is a (mostly-solo) video game. But Larian claimed they want this to feel like the tabletop DnD experience.

I don't need to be THE hero. This doesn't have to be MY story. I'd like it to be the epic adventure of four failed True Souls puppets who made some pantheon-changing plans go wrong.

Hoping we'll be able to create great assumptions-free Custom Characters and be given great roleplay options.