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While this update has some great tweaks and fixes in it, I am a bit disappointed. I would have loved to have seen at least one new class and or NPC Companion added to the game. The complete lack of any real additions after the hype they created around this update is really disappointing. There is nothing here compelling me to comeback and play some more.

Btw, this isn't going to happen until release. I'm pretty sure Larian has already stated that more races and classes will not be added until after it is out of Early Access.

Really, when did they say that? I remember them saying early on, that they would add classes, subclasses, and races as they were being completed.

Yes they did. Personally i do not really understand they way this game is developed. They fix things ingame atm and when new spells, weapons and whatnot is implemented they start all over again since such changes can impact even what was already fixed. But thats only my view from outside the box since i do not now how the developement environment acutally looks.
My guess would be that the build they are working on has most of the stuff already in it and they just don't want to give it away too early.

That brings me to the fact that a lot of people have already finished the EA in different ways with different chars.

I can only speak for myself but i was pretty hyped for the patch and really bored when it came out. The tweaks i saw were nice and neccessary mostly but it is still pretty much the same. I have something around 170h in BG3 and while there are people with much more than that:

I start to get bored. Thus i am hardly playing much till something new comes. Class, Race, Companion, Spells etc.

I know that is my personal feeling but if there are more people like me, they will pay less attention playing because we have seen most of it one or the other way. And that is not good for evaluation of gamplay.

We are happy that there are still a lot of hardcore players out there who test it laugh