Look I understand the whole "companions are too horny" I agree! I feel like there should be more interaction or whatever!

But let's not forget that during the tiefling party from what I perceived the romance was just a mere hook up! And whether you continue to pursue a relationship with that companion is entirely up to you, or if you move on to someone else or not! Since again it was a party with alcohol and different people in that environment react in different ways!

Take lazel (I forgot her name spelling)
her and wyll at the party was definitely nothing
but one night of sleeping together, she expressed that as well

I kind of hope thats what it was! otherwise yeah please change the interactions!

Another thing I want to add to this is, I like the idea of not being restricted by race or gender! Why should it be? Theres enough restrictions in life as it is, why should there be in a simple video game? If you dont want your halfling to get funky with Gale because it wouldn't suit his preference then dont. This is dnd and everyone plays differently!