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I'm so tired of the fake outrage about 'representation' of some humans subgroups in alien races. What's next? Demanding 2 meters tall Korean-looking dwarfs because it doesn't represent 'me'? Non-human races are not supposed to represent you as a player in any form. All non-human races should not look human. Pick humans or half-humans if you want to model yourself. Nowadays many companies think the 'representation' will make their games good. It won't. They should focus on the plot and scenarios and ignore people with ridiculous demands.

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Agreed! I like the way the elves look in this! It's almost like DAI

DAI is garbage, nothing to be worth aiming to.

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Don't touch the elves, they look great. Just make humans uglier!

No, they don't look great. They are just humans in BG3.

I dont want to start anything but I think you're missing the point, its not "fake" outrage! There is no outrage! It's just a simple request to add more diverse features because yes it is nice to be represented! Especially nowadays where we have to tools and the knowledge to be more inclusive! You can still focus on the plot and scenarios since that is a big project! But it is also the little things that make a game enjoyable! Again it is a small request and suggestion! If its offered to put in our ideas why not include the small ones?

It's just a small request please dont get heated at people who just want to see more representation! There is no place for anger just friendly suggestions smile

Also personally I like DAI you could pick from a range of diverse features and edit it! I usually dont like character creation that goes into full detail but it felt nice to pick and choose!