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I'd be more interested in Origins if they played like, in some way, the Witcher plays, just less. Yeah, have the player decide some major things, but otherwise let the characters act as they would and watch their stories unfold.

Ok, that would be super cool for me. Right now my only problem with playing origins is the fact I won't be able to enjoy their dialogues, expressions and stuff as much as I do when they are my companions.

I hope the issue you're talking about will be at least partially solved thanks to origins' special lines we could see in Swen's gameplay presentation.

Yeah, that's what i meant. My favorite companion right now is SH, knowing that why would i ever want to pick her as my Origin, and in so doing overreding her personality with whatever i want her to be? Similarly, if one goes into with the one and done mentality, maybe their favorite character could be Astarion, but since they picked him because he looks cool all they're gonna get is a watered down version of him.

It's a very weird and confusing system, and one of the reasons i got DoS2 a couple of years ago but still didn't get out of the ship.

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