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Bro, what I'm saying is the non human species features just dont have enough diverse options! And I'm not saying it should 100% like me jeez that would be so freaky man! I'm saying it would be nice to have representation! That is all my chum!

Even with non human races you can still include diverse and a range of features WITHOUT making them look too human! That is all!

I dont think you realise how much representation matters man! Even with the human heads the options feel quite naff and you dont have many options!

From the pure biological point of view elves should NOT be diverse. Diversity happen when genes recombine and mutate, which happens every next generation. The shorter is the life span of the species the greater the diversity. According to the lore, elves are virtually immortal therefore they don't have necessary recombination happening, therefore, they should be more look-alike than any other species. If anything, they look way more diverse than it makes sense given circumstances.

Youre right there! but all elves cant look exactly the same! Dont forget elves have different sub races and races! I'm pretty sure a sun high elf is gonna look a little different from a moon high elf! And a drow is gonna be completely different looking than a wood elf! Otherwise it's just boring! You need to be able to tell the different variations and why not do that by exploring diversity since there is a wide range of sub races! smile