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Look I understand the whole "companions are too horny" I agree! I feel like there should be more interaction or whatever!

But let's not forget that during the tiefling party from what I perceived the romance was just a mere hook up! And whether you continue to pursue a relationship with that companion is entirely up to you, or if you move on to someone else or not! Since again it was a party with alcohol and different people in that environment react in different ways!

I think a lot of folks are calling what we have 'romance' because Larian are calling it romance... if it were distinctly not so (as the Fane hook-up at the beginning of D:OS2 was not), then I'd hope they wouldn't be calling it romance... but they are, so it seems that it's what we're working with, like it or not.

Lae talks to you about entrails, but someone think this is the beginning of a "romance", okay. By the way, it was the same with Fane, only difference is that romantic pressure was exerted by player, not by Fane who did this more like interest's.

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Another thing I want to add to this is, I like the idea of not being restricted by race or gender! Why should it be?

Because Astarion has a xenaphobic phrase about gnomes, and I honestly don't think his perception of dwarves or halflings is any different. "we will not offend anyone" attitude is not always good. But like you, I am against gender lock, because there are no phrases in the game that any of the companions would love only a certain gender. It will also create a lot of restrictions, too many.

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