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Youre right there! but all elves cant look exactly the same! Dont forget elves have different sub races and races! I'm pretty sure a sun high elf is gonna look a little different from a moon high elf! And a drow is gonna be completely different looking than a wood elf! Otherwise it's just boring! You need to be able to tell the different variations and why not do that by exploring diversity since there is a wide range of sub races! smile

While they shouldn't be exactly the same, due to immortality many of them literally brothers and sisters, because older elves are more experiences, therefore, more powerful, and, thus, tend to survive, live longer, and produce much more offsprings. The once who die are usually young and inexperienced, which even more tilt the diversity towards look-alikeness. Elven subrases are fine as long as each subrace looks very similar to each other within that subrace. But whatever they are, they should NOT look like humans with pointy ears. The original poster complained that elves are lacking African, Mesoamerican and other human specific features... which is why I'm totally against such 'representation'. For those there are humans in the game. Elves should represent just elves and look non-human.