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It was a joke, but actually I'm completely happy with Astarion's appearance and don't want to see him more "alien". And yes, if you change elves in character creator, you will probably have to change companions as well. I am absolutely against it.

Well, Larian can keep his appearance intact. They just need to make him human. It won't change much because, being a vampire spawn, he can live for a long time.

Isn't Astarion an half helf?.. Vampirism or Being Vampire Spawn change the complexion of the skin white cadaveric and makes the eyes red. Half elves does not need to change at the countrary i would like to see more Ethnicy Human mixing with elven features.

But the Elves needs to be redone totally. Right now they look like just humans with pointy ears.

Asking more HUMAN ethnicy for clearly not Human races is not logic nor reasonable. Elves are not Humans. Period.

Said that Elves are diverse on theyr own like i said several times and people seems to don't understand.
[Linked Image] Forgotten realms elves.

Again Forgotten Realms elves the first one is human.
[Linked Image]

They have the diversity they need concerning their race that again is not Human.

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