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I don't think there is nothing terrible too however the elves how appear now are kinda lore breaking. You took Dragon age 2 as example. The design of elves changed in Dragon age 2 breaking the lore of it. I truly believe if Larian implement elven face as it supposed to be the OP would find for herself a more appealing head for her. Elves are diverse in Forgotten Realms they offer a variation they just don't look like humans.

They are likely to add more appearance options, as it was in DOS2, but it is unlikely that they will change entire design of appearance elves. Too much work just because a few people don't like it.

I said about Dragon Age 2 in a different sense, now for bg3 players there is already a visual example of elves, and you are asking to change it. I can also remember NVN2 where elves have slanted eyes, but no more than that. Many people have fixed this "feature" with mods... In BG2, you just don't see your character, I'm not even sure that this can be called "design", because all "design" goes into portrait, which can just be anything!

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