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Man, one good thing about Star Wars and sci-fi, people don't try to inject diversification for the sake of diversification into everything nearly as much. I guess because making the argument that twileks, a fictional race with their own enstablished look, should have asian or african features, or be black or brown, all for inclusivity's sake would be downright silly.

Let fictional races be fictional races with their own established flavours, in other words.

Welp, they didn't have to add African features to twi'leks, because that "established look" you mention was ALREADY African. Yeah, the very first twi'lek character in Star Wars was Oola from Return of the Jedi, and she was played by a Black woman. Good try, though.

So, you mean you would like to have some swedish looking twileks for the sake of diversity.
Or are you just hating any caucasians?

They already have twi'leks with all sorts of features, including Caucasian. I'm not hating anyone, especially not Caucasians since I am one. No one is asking for FEWER Caucasian-looking things, just more African ones.