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You can only pick one thing that you want improved, either a lacking feature or a completely new one.
Please avoid giving more than one idea, I think it's interesting to highlight the single most important thing you think an improvement is needed on.

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The 20 sided dice to take a backseat and stop covering our screens with them..

Make Sazza and Nettie Companions..

Make Gnome and Barbarians playable

Add levels up to 6th like Solasta..

Remove DoS 2 stuff like height advantage and barrelmancy insanity..

Change spells skills and monsters back to default.

Disengage should be thief only or monster traits etc.

Add dodge.



(I love how this person gives their whole list of genuine wishes for the game and you just say "lol", it's so fuckin cold. You probably didn't actually laugh out loud, but I sure did.)