Elves are not humans. Elves are so diverse in D&D they even have several subraces. That differ in another way than humans do.
So implementing human facial distinction isn't quite logical. Especially as elven faces don't look human, as several times pointed out here.
For the elven race logic it would make more sense to create another elven subrace, whatever, like desert elves.

Before BG3 I didn't even know/remember that elves did look so different in D&D (aside of some artworks in earlier D&D games, which I considered more "badly drawn"), I assumed they were either based on Tolkien or the other elf type, were elves were just smaller and prettier than humans.

But as I'm more tolerant as people always complaining about just everything (and telling everone else being wrong), so I'm okay with african feature elves.
Of all problems that BG3 has, the lack of faces is just a small one.
But I would also like to see more available heads...

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