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Seriously. Scrap gnomes, does anyone actually play them? Instead of gnomes concentrate on something players ACTUALLY like: elf subraces.

Finally, we get an unequivocally RIGHT suggestion. This deserves a consulting fee paid by Larian, that's how fundamentally correct it is. Some unfortunate people will say, "but I like playing gnomes", but this is, sadly, just Stockholm Syndrome brought about by those irresponsible creators who have been violently foisting gnome-related content upon us all for so long. Rise up! Cast off the chains of the gnomocracy! We shall be free!

As to the topic, I think the origins are a good thing. I may or may not play one, but I know that lots of other people WILL play one. Maybe not many of the Very Small Group of players that post on forums, that specific niche group of hardcore RPGers who care more than is healthy about the minutiae of RPG design, will use this feature. But definitely plenty of the Very Large Group of general/casual gamers who make up the bulk of the customer base (and never read or post on forums or subreddits for the game) will.

But I've noticed that most people around here tend to forget that the Very Large Group exists, or perhaps they just don't matter? Despite the fact that it's their money which mostly funds the existence of these games. Even if 9 out of 10 people here agree on something, that's still peanuts compared to the whole audience of the game. And what WE want, we weirdos, we D&D nerds, we crazy obsessives, we highly opinionated niche fans, is not necessarily (and is often the opposite of) what the Very Large Group enjoys. For every one person here who hates barrelmancy, there are 100+ people who think that shit is hilarious, fun, and/or awesome.

Even when making their own character, a large percentage of general/casual gamers out there don't even customize things like skills, stats, or spell selections. They just take the defaults. They just pick a race and class, set up their appearance, and call it a day. They don't know what that other stuff means, or does, and they don't really care. They just want to get in and play.

Maybe don't demand that people speak for everybody else's opinion rather than their own. People can only give their own feedback.

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The preponderance of Tavs show that a lot of people don't even care to NAME their character.

I would hazard a guess that more than anything else this speaks of the awkward positioning of the name field in the UI.

Actually, yes, good point.

My first three characters were all TAV, and I couldn't figure it out right away.