In the next patch please add the following:

More Voices: Please add some more voice options, especially a deeper, gruffer male voice. Playing a Dwarf with the current male voices just feels wrong.

Add Some Classes: Some additional classes would be nice. I am anxiously awaiting a Paladin personally.

New Companions: As I said I am anxiously awaiting the Paladin but the current companion selection would kill the RPG for me. Right now the only character a traditional Paladin would for sure adventure with is Gale. No Paladin would be caught with an vampire or an evil cleric, let alone someone that has allied with a Devil. Did the Illithid only kidnap evil people?

Fix Warlocks: Please either fix the class or remove it. Right now a Warlock is essentially a one trick pony.

I understand the the purpose of the EA is to do some hard testing of various core features of the game mechanics. (Okay also to get funding to finish the game but that is the nasty secret no one wants to discuss.) However if we are not having fun at playing many of us will drop off and you will get less data from the testing. I am not suggesting that you fill out the totality of voices you plan to bring or do all the classes or even all the companions. I am saying that adding just one or two new options will keep the player base engaged and will get you more data to work with to make the finished product even better.