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Some Numbers.

Divinity Original Sin (Did not have origin stories):
14,480 votes. Summary: Very Positive

Divinity Original Sin 2 (Had origin stories):
94,503 votes. Summary: Overwhelmingly Positive

The trend seems to indicate people like origin stories just fine. As for the alt start suggestion (basically Dragon Age Origins), I like it, but they have a budget friendly intro scenario that works for almost any origin story. Imagine the future when modders add new classes, races, etc.. to the game (like right now you can download barbarian and sorceror classes). That is mostly possible because of the streamlined scenario they have. If every new class/race, etc... needed its own starting chapter, that would greatly limit the ability to realistically expand the content with mods. Sorry, but I prefer a mod-friendly game over one with unique origin stories.

What other gameplay changed between DOS and DOS2?
The youtube streaming community maybe?
There is more coverage for DOS2 than DOS.

I would not chalk it up to one specific feature.

And that worked for THAT GAME.
This is NOT that game, and it
Now, look at this. Bare in mind this game is over 20 years old at this point, and this I linked is basically DLC, AND BG has LESS advertising through streaming that DOS does.


The point is this. Why did Larian choose BG?
They liked it? maybe.

Because the numbers show there is a viable market? YES.

It seems to me LARIAN WANTS the BG crowd. This open feedback EA? The BG crowd eats it up.

Origins are not for the BG crowd, they are for the other Larian game crowd.

Again, my thought? scrap it, or sell it as DLC. IF they can get the non origin stuff up to snuff, then my opinion on it changes to neutral.

Larian will make the choice they will make, I am simply giving feedback to the EA