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Some Numbers.

Divinity Original Sin (Did not have origin stories):
14,480 votes. Summary: Very Positive

Divinity Original Sin 2 (Had origin stories):
94,503 votes. Summary: Overwhelmingly Positive

The trend seems to indicate people like origin stories just fine. As for the alt start suggestion (basically Dragon Age Origins), I like it, but they have a budget friendly intro scenario that works for almost any origin story. Imagine the future when modders add new classes, races, etc.. to the game (like right now you can download barbarian and sorceror classes). That is mostly possible because of the streamlined scenario they have. If every new class/race, etc... needed its own starting chapter, that would greatly limit the ability to realistically expand the content with mods. Sorry, but I prefer a mod-friendly game over one with unique origin stories.

The Witcher 3.

410,042 votes. Summary: Overwhelmingly Positive.

And that only has ONE origin character to choose from!

The witcher has strong advertising.

IS the community vote from origins, or is it from advertising?

How much customization is there for witcher?

Will witcher have a life span like diablo, where it is a fad for 5 years, where it is top of the line graphics, engine, and innovation, until people realize it could have been done much better and move on, and get bored of the same grind over and over?

There are more factors besides one specific feature.

Point being. Witcher is a different game and a different crowd.
RPGS like BG are already a VERY small crowd.

And Origins in a game where you only get the one main char?
In that context, yes, it is fantastic!

So yes, that is a lovely orange you have, but right now, I am concerned about the apples.

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