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I start a new game Yesterday After a few weeks and yes... These controls definitely sucks.

They did a great job about cantrips and I really really hope they'll also listen to all of us about this.

Something more usual would greatly improve their games for the future : this chain mechanic has no advantages from a player point of view, only disadvantages.

The chain mechanic works well on consoles in the DOS games, especially when playing co-op. But yeah hopefully they give us more options.

Other classic systems works well on other games on console too smile
The chain is just a "follow"... Select 2 characters and the result is the same except that one is a mess while the other one is accurate, which is important in a strategy game.

Pathfinder Kingmaker, Pillars of Eternity, Solasta, Dragon Age, Temple of Elemental Evil, Wasteland 2 and 3, Tyranny,...
We could also talk about most RTS games like Total War, Age of Empire, Company of Heroes and so on...

All those strategy games have the same control system and that's because it's way better than Larian's chain...

They have to admit that.their way of doing things is not the best (is not good) and they have to work on that if they want to reach the sky.

The chain has absolutely 0 pro if you compare with the other system, only cons.

If you think it has no pros, you’ve never played it with a controller – and probably never played co-op either judging by that list of games you’re comparing this to.

Please, feel free to enlighten me about it because no, I don't see any PRO whatever we're talking about PC/console or solo/multiplayer.

Did you ever played one of the games I named on console ?
I did... And in exemple in Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition on Nintendo Switch you can control your companions with 2 solutions :

- The classic mechanic : your right stick point a location, you click A, your party move in formation. You can easily select the character(s) to move.
- But you can also use your right stick to directly control the main character (stick to the left, character moving to the left). Every selected companions just follow.

If you want to select more or less companions, just press L then select the characters on a wheel.
In a way... that's a little bit the same except that you don't always have to chain/unchain. Even on console, this "old" system has been adapted and is still cleaner, easier and faster.

I also bought and played DoS2 on Nintendo Switch but to be honnest only a few hours because controls are a mess even more.
About MP no, I never tried but I can't see the point. You can individually select who follow you or not...

Seriously, give me your PRO because I can't see a single one if compare both mechanics (I just launched the two games on my switch to be sure I remembered well...)

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