The votes on steam measure not just origins. The difference might be because graphycs or UI. Also, you might want to add other similar games like kingmaker, pillars of eternity, etc.

Origins aren't really a new concept. In the BG versión for console, you have a selección of characters that included Dritzz if you unlocked. It was an arcade more than RPG, but you did have origins. This is similar.

But what happen to the people that didn't liked any of those options? They had to settle. And since you didn't have that much choice, you picked the one that you disliked the least.

But now is different. There are plenty of games and people who don't like origins can simply buy another game. The conflict here is about expectations. Some people like me want a new BG, where you create your character and that character is at the centre of the story. Other want a DoS3, even if it wasn't marketed as such. And since they like origins, they expect the people who doesn't to settle and either pick the origin that they dispone the least or play a custom character that is an expectator to the origins. Or just not play, after all, they already paid snd helped to finance origins.

Well, if Larian knew from the begining that custom characters were going to be secondary, they should have said it from the begining, not claim the opposite to deceive the people who enjoy playing their own characters.

Or they can look for synergies and use what they have to make custom characters work. In that regard, some of the OP suggestions could be considered. Not the part to "scratch" origina, but the part about allowing the use of those stories to be used by the custom characters ofrecen shared. While Gale story won't quite work as shared, Astarion would. After all, if MC and character are both vampire spawns created by Cazador, that might create interesting dynamics. Specially if Astarion seduced the MC to bring MC to Cazador and is responsible for their turn. They might be alise, competotors, rivals or enemies forced into a truce. Because they both need to get rid of Cazador. Yet, it would make sense to not trust the other. So, basically, ir would be nice if Larian considered that MC is as rounded and interesting as Origins. Or it is if you arexwilling to put the work.