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So, the point here is that, your friend wanted to force his specific views, over the views or the writer that created Alistair.

My point is also this. If Alistair turned gay, it would completely shatter who he was currently, and his character would completely change.

he wants that? sure, add it in but make it a DC 20, since it is against the core character, then write a whole new script for the character because he just went through a massive life altering experience.

Do not put your personal opinions of bigotry or bias or anything on it. They really have no place and no merit. It is just your perception, and you are entitled to your perception and opinion. That doesn't make it right, and that does not make it more valid than my own.

As for the core reason of this post?

It seems there is, at least some, "demand (meant in the capitalist way)" for a different approach too what Larian has labeled as romance.

This being EA, and feedback being asked, this is what is being given.

Fair enough, mostly.

But I don't agree with the part about Alistair being gay completely shattering who he is. I don't think it would at all. I'm not sure why you think it would.