An guy in another forum said that he managed to access lv 5 on EA, using "alterations", and he posted screenshots. I will not post link to the topic since I believe that it violates the rules here but apparently, there are a single summon limit which only applies to the player, NPC's can have hordes of undead while players can't. The same BS which is present on nwn2 and literally every "magic rework", like spell fixes and warlock reworked, both extremely popular mod fixes it. It literally kills the necromancer class. Why not do like Solasta and not include necromancer wizard specialization? Having a necromancer class that only exists to cause frustration and disappointment among the players who love this class is AWFUL!!!

On P&P, 5e already has the most nerfed necromancer class compared to 2e and 3e, with no OHK spells and only low CR undead available.

Sadly, only Pathfinder wrath of the righteous will have decent necromancy. With a path to lichdoom, ability to reanimate bosses to serve you and on kingmaker, empower your undead minions, raising his attributes and even giving divine spells to then when you become more "godlike". Even on kingmaker, animate dead raises d4+2 skeletons, an sorcerer using all spell slots can have 6*(d4+2) skeletons. Lich is the second most popular mythic path on WoTR. If Vincke wanna encourage people to play evil, having good necromancy is a good start!!!

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Nobody is asking for this type of necromancy in a low level 'dungeons & kobolds' 5e campaign. Only that Larian follows the rules and let necromancers have at least a skeleton squad!!! Every game which has popular necromancy allows multiple undead creation.