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Player sexual is fine in games like Witcher, where there really isn't much character variation.
In games like, one core chracter is created and written for.

Imagine if, in God of war, you could make Kratos a dwarf, or a elf, or african american, or a woman.
Would that change how the romantic scenes were scripted? Ur if you made Kratos a unic. That would screw the most recent game in the son part.

But I digress, and only type that to come to my first point. This game, one of the biggest selling points, I feel, is the custumization!
Even the game play offers so much freedom from most top downs - JUST because of jump!

What i am saying is this. If a player wants the option to turn a scripted character AWAY from their core script, fine! give it to them, BUT- again, BUT- Make it a very difficult thing to do!

I am going to make a reference to you specifically, fire, and I do not typ this to attack you, but to make a point. So please do not view this as offensive.
Imagine your gay friend, and imagine there was a woman that decided she wanted to date him.
He is gay, he is not interested. She wants him.
In game terms, she has to make 5 persausion checks at DC 25 to get him to go on one date with her, then another 3 at DC 30 for the first kiss, and a final one at DC 45 for the boyfriend/girlfriend status title.
Does that make sense?

Once again - not picking on you

My personal opinion, and I will stress this is my personal opinion, I feel media is over saturated with gender non conformity, and that it is being forced into places where it does not belong - and it makes things feel very stiff, and makes it very difficult to communicate, because every word that is said is offensive... but it goes into the "yes but no" catergory... and, in the end, simply turns into excluding those that are not of specific orientations. The orientations I personally feel are being exlcuded are those that idenitify as straight, and that idenitify as the gender on their birth cert.

Having typed all that, that has no further merit in this thread other than I have stated my opinion.
My original post still stands.

I feel the game would do good with changes to the approach to romance.

I'd like to say that I appreciate the fact that you are making an effort to be more civil in your more recent posts. You said some pretty awful things further up the thread, but now you're being nice, so thank you.

Why does a character have to have a "core script" when it comes to sexuality? Why can't it just be determined when you make your character, and differ from playthrough to playthrough?

Your idea about the hard persuasion checks could be fine, if it was a specific storyline with one character. It would be weird if it applied to all the characters.

Why do you think it's being "forced" into places? Isn't it possible that the people who make these things simply have different values than you? I mean, the average values of many people have shifted quite dramatically in the last couple of decades. It could be comforting to think that all of the people who disagree with you are just being politically correct or following a fad, but what about the possibility that they just genuinely think differently than you?

Thank you for noticing my effort at being polite. It is very difficult for me, I am very direct, and I have little patience for masks or gilded cages.
However, I like too think I am a civil person.

I feel it is being forced because I personally, in having made the choice to be heterosexual ( I typed choice very specifically) and in being a white male, I have found myself hedged out of groups because of "oh, you are already entitled, you are already given everything, you don't need this too."

I can go into the mental health system with details, and the social security system, where I recieved benefits for a brief time, then WORKED and busted my rear side to get a solid job and came off of it, and can go into details about the gender non coformists, and the % recieivng social security that are under the age of 25 that, in dealing with them personally and intimately, I personally feel are taking advantage of a system with many loopholes.

But it has shaped my thought process, and opinion, that gender non confirmity is being pushed and forced into places where, previous to that, there was not thought of it at all, and that many of these people with opinions... change them after 5 to 7 years, and realize they were wrong, and that how it was before, in many cases (not in all, there are some horrific things in the past) was better and more correct.

BUT THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT THAT. I typed personal experiences, that shape my personal view. And none of that have a place in the game.

I still stand by my original post, I would like to see less playersexuality, and more character development