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Personal fact about me. in 2009 I was diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic.

Previous to that, I thought and acted in a certain way, and believed in a certain way.

When it was forcibly brought to my attention that, no, there were not animals running next to my car as I drove, and no, there were not worms crawling out of officers stomachs as they talked to me, I had to make a choice.
It was difficult, as I spent many years thinking and believing one way, and I had to completely dismantle myself and my way of thinking, to ensure I could functionally interact with society.

I am nothing like the person I used to be as a result. I have documentation supporting that.

Now, there are people that are very open to being BI, and there are those that haven't even given it a second thought because it never came up... but when the issue is forced, and they have been one way for 30 years?
In most cases, it completely destroys who they thought they were.

Now, having typed that, I will admit -it is my OPINION, given my personal experiences, that such a massive shift in character would drastically change the character.
This is where the writters and scripters come in. Ultimately, they would have to decided, based on the character they wrote for alistair, how alistair would react.

Given Al's character, and this does not need a response, but is more a metaphorical question, if you were scripting him, and story borarding him, and had his detailed life background in front of you, how would you script alistair to respond if he decided one of his core fundamental life beliefs was false?

Ah, I see the misunderstanding. I didn't mean to say that Alistair should be written as a straight guy, who then TURNS gay (or bi) during the game. I simply meant that they could have made him bisexual from the outset, and wouldn't have needed to change anything else about him as a character. There is nothing in Alistair's personality or background that would be invalidated if they just decided he was bisexual. They wouldn't have to write him any different way.