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Thank you for noticing my effort at being polite. It is very difficult for me, I am very direct, and I have little patience for masks or gilded cages.
However, I like too think I am a civil person.

I feel it is being forced because I personally, in having made the choice to be heterosexual ( I typed choice very specifically) and in being a white male, I have found myself hedged out of groups because of "oh, you are already entitled, you are already given everything, you don't need this too."

I can go into the mental health system with details, and the social security system, where I recieved benefits for a brief time, then WORKED and busted my rear side to get a solid job and came off of it, and can go into details about the gender non coformists, and the % recieivng social security that are under the age of 25 that, in dealing with them personally and intimately, I personally feel are taking advantage of a system with many loopholes.

But it has shaped my thought process, and opinion, that gender non confirmity is being pushed and forced into places where, previous to that, there was not thought of it at all, and that many of these people with opinions... change them after 5 to 7 years, and realize they were wrong, and that how it was before, in many cases (not in all, there are some horrific things in the past) was better and more correct.

BUT THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT THAT. I typed personal experiences, that shape my personal view. And none of that have a place in the game.

I still stand by my original post, I would like to see less playersexuality, and more character development

Okay, fair enough. You have every right to express your opinion on what you think would make the game better. I disagree with this particular opinion, but I won't tell you that you're not allowed to have it, or post about it. Maybe Larian will come down on your side, who knows?