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Really coming after me today, eh Dexai? That's fine, I know that I have a tendency to rile people up with some of my posts.

You have to forgive me, I didn't realise there was a limit to how many times you can be responded to per day. If you don't want people to communicate with you, maybe not be so quick to post everywhere? I simply want to share my opinion. I think that's the same wish that drives you to post in every thread.

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If you could just show me where in my post I demanded something, that would be great. I can't find it.

As far as I can see the entire point of your post is that since other opinions exist (and happen to align with yours), theirs (the person you are arguing with) doesn't matter. They should give feedback that puts the nebulous other people's opinions above their own.

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If someone says, "Hey I think the game would be a lot more fun if they get rid of origin characters!" I'm not going to argue with that. I mean, I might express my own, contrary, opinion, but I'm not going to try to take their post apart like I sometimes do.

Mostly I get a bee in my bonnet over hyperbole and statements of This Is Absolutely So about things which are, fundamentally, matters of opinion.

You talk like that yourself all the time, and then you quip and make fun of people to add to it. I don't really think you're in position to admonish others on that.

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Basically, not everything is for you. (By you, I mean, myself and everyone else here.) Some things are for other people, and some of those other people aren't even speaking up about it. Something which is for other people is not useless, it's just not for you.

This is literally the feedback and suggestions forum for an EA game. It is the point of this forum to make suggestions that you think will improve the game. Not all those suggestions are going to be suggestions you like. Not all those suggestions are going to be suggestions the nebulous other people like. It's just going to be the feedback of the people who give it. You can only respond to it with your opinion. Appealing to the silent majority is a intellectual fallacy. Telling people who give feedback that there are other opinions is a "well duh" statement. Of course there are other opinions. Larian themselves are of an other opinion to OP in this thread. That's why he made the thread, on the suggestion forum, to suggest that they change their opinion.

Lastly, I'm glad that you agree about the names. I've had to restart playthroughs myself because I've missed changing the name, and I'm a person who cares a lot about names. In my opinion the naming UI should be the very last thing that pops up before or right after you click the "finish character"/"start game" button.

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