What I would like to know are the split among origins in DoS2, replays and finish games. I mean, the people who played as custom in DoS2 is probably a hardcore custom character. While people who played all the origins with no changes are probably the hardcore origins with most people probably in the middle. That won't account for the people who would simply choose other game because they favored custom characters (or other reason), but would start yo paint a picture.

Also, it would be nice to have a pool were people could vote which character they would play. It should allow for custom being an option. It should also allow for people to mark more than one but ponderate results by assingning more points to the choices by people who only mark one. That way, if someone only play Laezel (or custom) all the points would be assign to that. If other mark 3, the points would be divided among the 3. And ifvyou mark all of them, it would he even.

I suspect that some origins would barely played. Specially the ones that people plan to romance. While other origins would be more popular.