So I agree that some comparisons are not apples to apples. But you aren't going to find a better game to compare BG3 against than DOS1/2. DOS2 in particular. You certainly can't compare it to BG 1/2. I mean the fact that BG3 is turn based... Might as well be comparing with Skyrim. (DOS 2 has a better ranking than Skyrim BTW).

As for advertising, etc... The steam user satisfaction rankings are based on percentages. So if DOS1 only had 1000 buy it and 500 ranked and DOS 2 had 100,000 buy it and 50,000 ranked... it just mean better precision, but it doesn't change the rank. Bottom line, those who played DOS 1 liked it less than those who played DOS 2.

I played both DOS 1 and DOS 2 and I can tell you that they were very similar games. They were both set in the same universe with the same lore and gods. Same basic movement and combat mechanic (that feel almost identical to BG3). IE: Chaining party members, barrelmancy, max party size of 4, Feats every 4 levels,etc... ). The primary difference was... the origin stories in DOS 2.

And the similarities between BG3 and DOS 2 don't end with origin stories or level up mechanics. In DOS 2, you started off as a prisoner on a ship heading to an island-prison. On the ship you meet your future companion options and then the ship is attacked, sinks and you somehow magically survive what should have been certain death... Only to find out later you survived because of divine intervention and that the gods have a plan for you.

Sound familiar?

End of Chapter 1 in DOS... you leave by boarding a boat with you current party of 4. Those that are not in the boat/party at that time are left behind.

Sound familiar?

Larian is taking the template of DOS 2 and applying a D&D Forgotten Realms theme to it. And I don't blame them. DOS 2 was much more successful than DOS. Whether origins were the reason or not, bottom line it was there most successful game. Origins has become their hallmark feature.

So BG3 is targetting 3 groups and trying to strike a balance that keep all happy: Larian Fans, D&D Fans and BG Fans.

They are not going to scrap their hallmark origins feature and alienate their Larian fans any more than they are going to scrap turn based combat and alienate their 5E PnP fans. Maybe a better question is what does this game have to do with Baldur's Gate at the moment?

You find a pamphlet in the Zhent hideout office that talks about a statue of a ranger holding a hamster in some market square that needs to be cleaned. So you will likely get to rescue Minsc, but that is the only connection I have really heard of

But I digress... Bottom line is : -1 to the idea of scrapping Origins. And I will leave it at that.