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Now let us return to Guinevere. She is often, and best, known for her internal, titanic struggle between the man she loved with her very being and the other she loved with her tortured heart. . .And it was all a later invention reflecting the trends of courtly -and theoretically platonic but always true- love in ascendance at the time, as with Lancelot's chastity. In the earliest poems and tales we have of each, some four centuries earlier than the best known story with which are all familiar, she was faithful while Lancelot would wed Iblis. Does this change their characters? Very much so. Not because whether they had sex with one another was important in and of itself rather because of the struggle not the sex. We are all ultimately what we do, it wasn't their attraction that was interesting, it was their attempts to resist it and their failure and what would happen as a result.

Yes, the point being, it does change their character, and very much so.
Now imagine that Guinevere did not have this struggle with Lancelot alone, but with every member of the round table, and every maiden at the court.

That is what the romance in the game feels like right now. All characters are altering themselves, to be with your pc, and they are being scripted to be with your pc, no matter what you do, or why you do it.

That specifically is what I am speaking against.

As you, or perhaps someone else, mentioned in a previous post.
Write the character, make their story, then script in what it would take to romance the character, if, indeed, that is a gameplay option Larian feels the community wants in the game.