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I'm not for the purpose of arguing, just to make sure that I understand the problem right:
The main problem with controls for you (Maximuuus, Tuco, others maybe) is that there are too many moves needed to switch between controlling one character or the whole group / part of the group?
Also, did you notice that you can group/ungroup characters by right click on their portrait?

There are at least minimum one more click to do whatever you right click or drag the chain to break it (usually two click when you try to break the chain because it's buggy...).

It's a problem, especially because it's often 1 or 2 per character (see tuco's exemple with a full party).

As I said I just tried both BGEE and DoS2 on switch and if you compare : one is fluent, clean and easy. You click and move.
The other is a mess hard to understand, slow and often buggy. You spend way more time to link your ranged together, then your melee, then...

Larian's chain is something you have to manage and we shouldn't have to manage the characters control mechanics.

But that's not the only problems.
The companions run like chickens everytime.

You climb a ladder and select another character that is still climbing -> the first one go down...
Your party is standing but you select another character -> the 3 other are moving
You spot ennemies and walk back not to engage -> Your companions are going a little bit closer and the battle start.
That's only a few usual exemples.

(Way) more click + useless and (often) unexpected movements = slow and inaccurate control of your characters... Which is a shame is a """strategy game""" (that's what steam say about the game)

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