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As you said, you think it is better to compare it to DOS than BG 1 or 2.

That, specifically, is a problem for me. I am here to play BG, not DOS.

Was about to say that. This is a huge problem. The game appears as if it was D:OS that tries to be DA. Set in Faerun and with 5e rules. And titled BG3 for some reason. Location and some story links aren't enough.


Also, for everyone making the ridiculous argument that origin characters are some sort of Larian signature feature. . .They existed in exactly one title from a studio of six games, and while I acknowledge they are of potential value and some small utility, they are not necessarily so in this application. It may be unique to them, or may not I really don't know, but its hardly a trend let alone a staple of their production


The game is plenty Baldur's Gate to me. It's hugely different from DOS.

And people be like, "Other than the story, the setting, the characters, the lore, the races, the gods, the locations, the core mechanics, the classes, the stats, the combat system, the IP, the equipment, the magic system, the resting system, the armor system, the tone, the themes, the presentation of dialogues, the cinematic nature, the skill checks, the advantage/disadvantage system, the saving throw system, the monsters, the factions, the stealth system, and the spells/abilities . . . other than those few MINOR things, this game is JUST LIKE DIVINITY."

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