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Just gonna drop in again to say:

Elves are fictional creatures. They don't have to adhere to a rigid standard based on tradition. New traditions get created all the time. D&D is flexible when it comes to ensuring the best player experience. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to identify with the character you play by having it resemble you--that's why we have character creators.

Having greater diversity that reflects real world diversity hurts no-one and can dramatically improve the experience of people who have long been told they don't look like the "standard."

This is fantasy--logic need not apply.


it's a dnd FANTASY game! And the dnd universe its constantly changing and evolving as we progress through time!

We can all argue about the traditional appearance of elves! Everyones opinion is valid and great!

But one thing I want to say is why do we have to constantly go with the "traditional" elves? If it's all gonna look the same as every other fantasy game and movie what's the point of having creativity? It's kinda boring no?

I feel like we have this mindset of sticking to this "tradition" because we are too used to it, and with this we should be encouraging change and breaking boundaries because that is what the Dnd universe is constantly doing! And it's great!

It's nice to see changes when it comes to something like this because it just means its thinking outside of the box and exploring more! And we need that! Like I said we cant keep sticking to the same old thing because it just to me at least gets boring!

I'm not going to lie I am super tired of seeing the same old elves must have x and y features because of x and y and such!
I completely understand it when it comes to the science and history of the specific campaign setting but like I said in an earlier post there are many different races of elves so why do they all have to look the same?

I understand there are colour variations but that just feels like a slap in the face! Like "here you go heres a sun elf with the exact same features as a high elf except you can give them more darker skin tones" like what? No show me different features! Show me more of a regional difference!

A good example I can think of (though the races are limited so far) is the dragon prince on netflix and their distinction between the moon elves and the sun elves! You can definitely tell the difference and that's not just because of colour variations!

(Apologies if I went off I had no intention of offending anyone if I did I just simply wish to express my frustration, English is not my first language so i understand of there might be a miscommunication, sorry if it felt like an attack on anyone specifically it really wasnt I promise you, just let me know and I can explain further smile )