Tbh I don't care how similar to D:OS it is, I care how much it does or doesn't feel BG. And no, by that I don't mean "copy Infinity Engine". (Then again, "overpresence" of one game's influences - be it D:OS or DA - will be at the cost of any potential BG feel, so in that sense I do care how similar it is to D:OS or DA.)

Funnily enough, Firesnakearies' quote also (mostly) matches for something else:

"Other than the story, the setting, the characters, the lore, the races, the gods, the locations, the core mechanics, the classes, the stats, the combat system, the IP, the equipment, the magic system, the resting system, the armor system, the tone, the themes, the presentation of dialogues, the cinematic nature, the skill checks, the advantage/disadvantage system, the saving throw system, the monsters, the factions, the stealth system, the lack of day/night cycle and weather, the party size, the party management, the camp, the barrelmancy, the surfaces, the aesthetics and the spells/abilities . . . other than those few MINOR things, this game is JUST LIKE DIVINITY BALDUR'S GATE."

(Slightly overemphasized for dramatic effect... but only slightly.)