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Just gonna drop in again to say:

Elves are fictional creatures. They don't have to adhere to a rigid standard based on tradition. New traditions get created all the time. D&D is flexible when it comes to ensuring the best player experience. There's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to identify with the character you play by having it resemble you--that's why we have character creators.

Having greater diversity that reflects real world diversity hurts no-one and can dramatically improve the experience of people who have long been told they don't look like the "standard."

If you break the fantasy world lore it does hurt the quality of the storytelling, thus, hurts every person with intelligence. This is one of the reason, for example, of Star Wars universe's free fall into the nonsensical garbage and your attitude supports this garbage storytelling.

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This is fantasy--logic need not apply.

This is the common misconception. For fantasy to be coherent you need to apply logic all the time within the rules of the universe. If you don't apply logic you'll have a stinking pile of poo instead of fantasy.

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We can all argue about the traditional appearance of elves! Everyones opinion is valid and great!

But one thing I want to say is why do we have to constantly go with the "traditional" elves? If it's all gonna look the same as every other fantasy game and movie what's the point of having creativity? It's kinda boring no?

Lol no, not everyone's opinion is valid and great. There's a reason there are so few great games, movies, books, etc. Because most of the people are not great at creating something good, therefore, let's stick to the good lore. If you want new lore then go ahead and make a new setting, we'll then judge how good it is, but leave the good old settings alone.