I'd like to point out at this stage that the art in the new book, Tasha's, is really on point for having wood Elves without anglo/caucasian features. At lot of people will pooh-pooh the book because it's essentially a "wizard is best class!" book and it contains the disappointment that is the custom race builder (I wanted the advanced race guide, but d&d edition), but the arts are really good.

I've had an issue with the art in a lot of the official books for a while specifically in regard to elves. The first point, they look too human, we've already had that discussion. But, I feel like the art never properly represented the actual diversity of the different elves that already existed in the writing. I always liked the different comparison pictures for the races that had a lot of variety in older editions and felt that wizards had done their books a slight disservice by not doing it for 4e/5e. I know art is expensive and this is supposed to be a game about imagination, but plenty of people use the official art as their base for what certain races look like.