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I absolutely love the number of exclamation points you use. I tend to read posts to myself with like, a voice in my head, if that makes any sense. And the voice for yours is so energetic, in a good-natured way. You also make good points!

laugh ahhh thank you so muchhhh!!!!!! I do go overboard with them but I just like to be super expressive! So you did hit the nail on the head with being energetic! And yup the voice reading I get completely! Its interesting as well since you kind of give a voice a personality as well! smile

Thank youuuuuuu! Just trying to articulate myself clearly and I really appreciate someone acknowledging my points! smile

I just think that you, and the OP, are not asking for anything unreasonable. In fact, you're asking for something very reasonable. And doing it in a nice, non-demanding way. And then I see so many people coming in here and just being like "NO. YOU CANNOT HAVE THAT." It's a shame.

You again seem to miss the point. What the OP wants is actually possible in Forgotten Realms if larian followerd how the elves appear there. Wood Elves WIld elves have the things she is looking for.