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I know, I know wink But I've also hard rumors his backstory could have changed in the meantime and his writer says nothing is set in stone until the full game release.

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I didn't really touch upon Astarion because from what i've seen i don't think he's got Gale and Wyll's issue (and becuase i haven't seen all that much tbh, since i never really got anything other than his most basic dialogues).

The more a companion likes you, the more he tells you. I, for example, don't know much about Shadowheart because I always failed persuasion tests. Maybe you feel you know too many things about Gale and Wyll, because they trusted you.

I already talked about it but i don't think that's it. It is kinda funny that some of them can go up even to high in the 1st part of the 1st act, which is described as them trusting you completely.