In regard to the one summon limit, there is a mechanic in place that means the player can only have one summoned thing for which they are the source. Summons from other sources (certain wands, and certain spider egg sacs), do not count against this limit.

You can, in fact, test this in game already without any alterations: Play any character that can access both Find Familiar, and Mage Hand. Because Mage Hand counts a s summon int he current game implementation, summoning your mage hand immediately kills your familiar, and summoning a familiar immediately dispels your mage hand. this is another case where Larian's implementation and changes have been made without a wider consideration of the consequences, but more than that, there's no reason for there to be a summon limit at all, provided the spells and abilities that allow you to access them are properly implemented.

Edit: Yes, I've already submitted this first as a bug report, and then also as a feedback form report... but I'd encourage others to do so as well.

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