I have played a little more and have some more to say.

The camera really is so irritating. It makes movement and targeting so much harder than they need to be. Those functions would be fine with a decent camera, but as it is, even getting around in buildings is beyond frustrating.

There have been several occasions where either my PC or my party members have gotten stuck. They can't move or jump from their place, usually between elevations, until I end a day. Also, sometimes we get separated and I have to manually run the stray character back to the party. The only way to fix that is to boot them from the party and recruit them again back at camp. So far I haven't done a lot of testing, but I think that also requires ending the day. Annoying. An option to tell a particular character to either stay or follow would be nice. I would like to be able to position people before initiating combat, or summon a friend who went astray without having to run the whole way.

Also, maybe this is my computer, but there are a lot of things that take too long. The NPCs planning their next moves in battle makes the fights last an eternity. Additionally, loading a game or an old save takes me minutes, not seconds. I have time to go pee or get a drink every time I reload a save. Really frustrating.

Oh, and I'm not sure, but I think ranger companion animals make you lose the chicken chasing game. The other friends stay back, but my raven followed me and I kept losing.

I'm not trying to be negative. These are just the things I would like to see fixed in an otherwise enjoyable game.