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I just think that you, and the OP, are not asking for anything unreasonable. In fact, you're asking for something very reasonable. And doing it in a nice, non-demanding way. And then I see so many people coming in here and just being like "NO. YOU CANNOT HAVE THAT." It's a shame.

My sentiments exactly thank you!!! And thank you so much for understanding fellow friend laugh

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You again seem to miss the point. What the OP wants is actually possible in Forgotten Realms if larian followerd how the elves appear there. Wood Elves WIld elves have the things she is looking for.

No I get it and it's exactly what we are asking for! To bring the diversity in the forgotten realms into the game for the elves! Since all of the options for each elf head looks the same for all of the elf races! smile
Since from what I have seen some elves dont look too human but also resemble different human ethnicities and that's what at least I want and I'm sure op is the same!

Since a lot of fantasy race inspiration stems from taking parts of our own different races and culture but altering it slightly and making it more exaggerated and artistic! That's how you write and create fantasy you use elements of the real world but exaggerate! You can definitely see a resemblance in eurocentric features but you can also see some afro-centric? (Is that the correct term and spelling?) Features too! And even some hooked noses and thick lips etc! In the illustrations! And they still look almost alien like but still have the diversity we ask for!

It's just a request of adding more diversity to the elves to 1 make it obvious there is a difference in the elf sub races etc and 2 be inclusive because we all deserve it!

Whether they look too human etc is a completely different argument! smile

You know, i hope higher powers are listening. They just need to not chicken out and do it right. We do deserve drows, the one evil race, becoming african look-alikes, bonus points if the duergar do too. The backlash would be incredibly amusing.