Pretty deeply I’d say considering they’ve used the same schema for three games now instead of rebuilding it, and during that time there has never been the ability to select more than one character at a time. As someone mentioned earlier there was pressure to change it for DOS2 but it didn’t happen.
Anyway, I’m not saying it shouldn’t change if they are willing and able to. But there’s no harm in putting in some more modest requests as a Plan B.
My personal ideal would be to focus on my MC and let the companions take care of themselves in an intelligent manner – closer to true D&D where you only have one character – at least until combat begins. I’d love to see Larian push boundaries and do something new in that spirit, like Dragon’s Dogma did, and let go of the past. As many have mentioned, there are already several great infinity clones out there. But I understand I’m almost certainly in the minority on this.

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